Triple Dose Credibility

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  • There are 3 powerful psychological sales triggers working inside of (and behind) the Web 3.0 " HONESTe—Super-Seal"… all working in concert to disarm and dissolve Web-Shopper Fear right on the spot.

    This is a triple-dose of confidence and credibility:

    1. Trusted 3rd Party Validation from HONESTe Online.

    2. Your Own Automated HONESTe Customer Feedback Center.

    3. Our "Safe, Smart, Secure" HONESTe Online Consumer shopping tips.

  • The calming, confidence-building effect the Web 3.0 "HONESTe—Super-Seal" has on buying behavior is proven, powerful, and profitable.
  • You be the judge.  See the results for yourself by displaying your very own Web 3.0 "HONESTe—Super-Seal".
  • It's free for 30-days and only takes minutes to copy 'n' paste onto your website.
  • You do not have to pay for credibility… you just have to be honest and credible.

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