Online's Advantage

HONESTe Online Membership allows eMerchants the use of our signature Web 3.0 "HONESTe—Super-Seal". It's the only seal-of-approval that naturally and automatically keeps merchants honest with our "on the spot" consumer education and information page, and our proprietary "HONESTe Merchant Algorithm"—all working in real time—with every click of the "HONESTe—Super-Seal".

The Web 3.0 "HONESTe—Super-Seal" helps consumers overcome "Web Shopper Fear" and general eCommerce skepticism like never before. It accomplishes this goal by proving the business owner behind a website is honest and ethical.

It makes perfect sense: when prospects have a good reason to trust you, they're more likely to purchase your products and services.

In addition, our GOLD members receive a brand new, "HONESTe Paranoid Prospect Page" for each website they own.  Every time a member enters a website into our system, a search-engine-optimized "HONESTe Paranoid Prospect Page" is generated. It displays the website name, contact information, 3 safe-smart-secure consumer shopping tips, and a link back to the member's website. Anytime a super-skeptical shopper searches for a website or business by name, there's a great chance the member's "HONESTe Paranoid Prospect Page" will be found ranking high on Google and the other popular search engines. The "HONESTe Paranoid Prospect Page" instills consumer confidence, soothes skepticism, and drives visitors back to a member's website more likely to buy than ever before.

HONESTe GOLD Membership also includes private access to the "HONESTe Online Internet Marketing VIP Club." Among the many benefits, members receive our wildly-popular, "Meat 'n' Potatoes eMarketing Report"—filled with the latest bite-sized Internet Marketing secrets and strategies from our CEO "Head Chef Jimmy"... a 23-year direct marketing professional with 9 years of full-time online success as well. No fat, no filler, no crazy side dishes, just the "Meat 'n' Potatoes" and a sweet dessert each and every month.

Finally, all HONESTe GOLD members are pre-approved for our remarkable "one-of-a-kind" affiliate program. HONESTe Online's naturally viral sales process can generate monthly recurring commissions for gold members—just by displaying the Web 3.0 "HONESTe—Super-Seal" on their site's pages. Gold members are paid 55% in monthly recurring commissions. All sales, tracking, stats and payout's are managed by one of the largest, most reputable third-party affiliate management companies in the world. The HONESTe Online affiliate program is not open to the general public. Only HONESTe Online GOLD members and pre-approved affiliates are allowed to join.

And we hope you will join our growing family too…

HONESTe Online: "Giving consumers a real reason to trust your eBusiness."