Online Mission Statement

Our Mission: To educate millions of online shoppers and empower thousands of Web merchants with our "Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Secure" message. We accomplish this goal by allowing Web merchants to join HONESTe Online and to display our one-of-a-kind Web 3.0 "HONESTe—Super-Seal" on their site's pages.

When clicked, the original "HONESTe—Super-Seal" educates and empowers consumers with updated Safe, Smart and Secure tips and allows for individuals to post a "customer complaint." Each HONESTe member must respond and resolve all disputes within a given time frame or the dispute will automatically "go live" for all consumers to see.

Just one click of the amazing Web 3.0 "HONESTe—Super-Seal" accomplishes all of this.

It is by design that good, HONEST merchants want to join HONESTe Online and to display our "HONESTe—Super-Seal". Merchant accountability is naturally strengthened when you educate and empower a consumer before any online purchase is made. An increase in sales conversions are the direct result of ethical business practices and the "HONESTe—Super-Seal".

By leveraging our proprietary "HONESTe Merchant Algorithm", Educational tools and technology we have created the Internet's first true, "self-policing" Trust Seal.

At HONESTe Online, it is our intention to build a safer, smarter and more secure Internet, one consumer, one website at a time.