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"...what a fantastic service.

This is something that every reputable business owner really needs.
I know that it can't help BUT improve our conversions!

The thought and time that must have gone into developing this concept is testimony to the final product - sheer brilliance."

- Aaron Leighton,
Wellington, New Zealand

"...where do I start with your member's area?

The resources you put up are simply fantastic.

Oh and I simply LOVE your affiliate program!

- Dylan Loh
"I'm a brand new member of HONESTe Online and very excited about displaying a "Super-Seal" that  actually teaches consumers smart and safe shopping habits online.
 I also love reading the down-to-earth 'Meat 'n' Potatoes Newsletter.' There's nothing like it online. It's filled with many useful tips written in a light-hearted style.

Very well done."

-  Karen P. O'Connor
Watsonville, CA

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